What is it?

First and foremost: Welcome to the Mind's Eye Studio site! My name is Roger Creus (aka Rowye) and you have just reached my online portfolio. In this site you will find a showcase of some of the art I've been producing over the years, from plain drawings to 3D art or web design altogether. I thoroughly hope you do enjoy your stay.

About me

Currently I am based between Badalona (Spain) and the United States, moving from one to the other when time, money and family allow it. I have been interested in many art forms since I was just a little tyke. Drawing was one of my main hobbies already then and at thirteen I knew exactly that I was going to continue my studies in art school. Took me two more years until I could apply to the Pau Gargallo school of arts in my hometown, Badalona. During the 3 years I spent there I learned most of the basics one can't teach oneself when it comes to technique on drawing, painting, geometry, sculpting and some basic graphic design. Meanwhile I was forming also as a musician playing drums in my first band of which you can hear some music in the Files page here.

From then on, my passion for both visual and sound art has never grown thin. I have been part of many bands as a drummer until I switched to mainly electronic instruments, which I played in one last band before going all alone into my own solo musical explorations. Later on 2010, who is now my wife encouraged me to share my compositions again and start our current band named Red Wound of which you can hear and see a lot in this page.

Same goes for graphic art; from plain drawing and handcrafted arts I slowly, without completely forgetting the former, switched to computer-aid disciplines. Along the years I have been part of many amateur, semi-professional and professional projects of which I share a fair amount of here too, those that have not been lost in our all-beloved hard drive demises or that are still alive as online websites.

Contact information

The easiest way to get to me is filling the form at the right side of this site, but if this doesn't fit your needs, here's some more: