Red Wound


…Red Wound is a moody and sensual exploration into the darkness of the love torn psyche. Denise’s sultry vocals weave smoothly into Rowye’s brooding musical arrangements, creating theatrical yet lush stories with a few edgy surprises…

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…The machines and him, him and the machines. There wasn't anything else in his world that could comprehend him the same way they did. And, subtly, he began annexing to them to finally melt in perfect symbiosis to them and become one single entity…

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…It was a time of condemned souls... of whore-tongued false prophets, new clay idols... forged chains at the expense of blood and scrawny bones... self-taught masochism. It came the sunset and the whips left long red shadows in misdirected souls... they left the death written along large pentagrams...…

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Glassfish Electronics


A band based in experimentation through all fields of electronic music featuring samples, guitars, bass, synths, programmed beats, dolls, gorillas and eventually any other instrument that came across. The lyrics spoke of both serious and comedy topics for two albums until the band disbanded back in 2007.

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