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I started playing drums around 1994 with the help of several teachers that showed the basics and lent the equipment at the time. A few months later, the punk/garage band My Plumb Pills was formed and so with it the first and longer-lived band I had yet to be part of. During the next four years, the band recorded an analog demo that was released on tape and a couple of digital recordings, along with performing in some of the most active spots in the city and a couple of bigger gigs. Meanwhile, I found the time to partake in playing drums for projects such as Suffusion Enacting, Nebur and others, which also performed in Barcelona's periphery.

A while after the band finally was brought to decease, a group of us with similar interests and an open mind came together to form the avant-garde metal band of name (kya)Num, which later on gave name to my solo project NuM. The band grew into playing over electronic bases; drums, bass, electric guitar, saxophone and a female vocalist. Despite the promising sound of the songs that sprung, (kya)Num was disbanded much as every other band I had played in to the date. During that time, Glassfish Electronics started as a fun project without me. I meanwhile played as well in Bubble Gum, an ultra-fast melodic hard-core band, to replace their old drummer, being this one the last band with which I performed as drummer and that also disbanded short after.

Having already dealt with low end music software and learned the lesson, I began growing interest in making electronic music to rid of the awkward disbandings and to simply cook it myself. And so NuM was born; with only an old soundcard, a midi controller and a damaged mind, many a crazy song were born along.

Meanwhile, it was time for the last My Plumb Pills formation to re-unite and create The Last Kernel Update, an industrial stoner-metal band with a similar formation and the inclusion of a new guitar player. The band was active for a long year and did a five songs recording in the same rehearsal room that never saw the light, then disbanded afterwards.

At the same time I had joined Glassfish Electronics as it became a stable band, featuring programmed drums, samples, synths, bass, guitars, vocals, dolls, gorillas, and every other instrument that came across. In about three years of activity, the band played around the city successfully and made a couple of studio recordings and photo sets before disbanding. One of those songs went to a compilation that held the most promising bands of the city. But the perishing ghost kept chasing us wherever we went.

Finally set up to skip it, the only way was Do-it-yourself. So I took NuM up again, which had been relatively dormant, and continued creating sounds from and for troubled, thinking minds on my own. The project's influences go from Dead Can Dance to Enslaved, (early) Mortiis, Sonic Youth, Spiral Architect, Mr.Bungle, Tool, Fredrik Thordendal and other demented souls, all mixed into an orchestral, syncopated sound originally designed to arise the maddest of the nightmares and share it for free on the net.

In March of 2009, the will to accelerate and play also with more simple and catchy sounds had arisen giving birth to the song of name Soultrap, in which random opera samples are mixed with a faster paced beat. All comments received upon the track were positive and encouraging, which drove me to re-mix the song into what was in fact the first of nuMPad's tracks. The song was basically the same structure with a funky dance beat instead of the old accoustic sounding drums, and more electronic-focused intro and instruments.

Reason enough to put on the top hat and spawn a new fun project called nuMPad (meant as a fun name deriving from NuM- and refering to the keyboard numeric pads). But what was only a way for me to delve into other sound areas and make some funny songs slowly became a serious enterprise and its sound began to change. Still keeping a distance between each song, nuMPad grew to mean oldschool techno, but also breakbeat, hip-hop, ambient, metal machine music, noise and any other wave I've ever had interest for. It gradually seems to steal NuM's darker touch and translate into non-descript electronic music of all sorts for open minded people.

In March the 14th of 2010, while another project starts, nuMPad's debut EP saw the light as a free download item under the german Myspace label Weisskalt/Blauwarm. The release, called Songs for the Mellow Dancer, includes the former nuMPad tracks; Soultrap, Atila, Excellence, Terendul and Wrath of the Tyrant.

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