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Confirmed are two dates for this summer. We are excited to announce we will be performing at the Starwood Festival XXXIII in July as well as in Parafest 2013 in early September. Visit our Events page for more infos!

Just because you don't hear from us it doesn't mean we don't hear the call for music making. Now with both of us in the US, we have more opportunities for collaborations with tremendous musicians. Eight new songs are in the works and for them we will be having the honor of featuring Joe Duval at the didj, Nebur Seth at the guitars, Nischom Silverman at the guitars, Elvia Diaz at the cello, Christy Pishke at the backing vocals and probably some more! It is recording time this summer, will keep you updated.

Two dates confirmed for this spring to come (2012). Red Wound will be performing at the Wild Wonderful Wicked Woods festival in Darlington, MD, that will happen from June 7th to 10th. The band will also be at the Starwood Festival's Puffer Dome between July the 10th and the 16th in Pomeroy, OH. We will post the exact dates and times in our events page when we are notified. While Rowye remains in Spain, the line-up for these two shows is going to consist of Denise along with Christy Pishke at the backing vocals, more theatrics than ever, more musicians, extra performers, dancers and more!

Our debut album named also Red Wound is out today January 12th of 2012 in both Bandcamp and ReverbNation.

The album consists of nine songs an average of over four minutes long each. We have conceptualized and crafted the art ourselves as much as the music; more of it is ready for the hard copies whenever they may happen. Price for the digital download is 1,00€ per song or 9,00€ for the whole album. Special thanks to the close ones who have supported us, love you.

Get it HERE !

Upcoming debut album renamed to simply Red Wound in homage of the band which we've grown to love so dearly. There will be time for names in further releases. Art and mixes are finished, sending material back to Mobtown Studios for mastering. Meanwhile we have moved back to Barcelona for the next months, working on new music!

Vocals for Sultry & Unsutured to be finished due March 7th, currently working on the art in the meantime. Dates confirmed for a couple of festivals, Blue Ridge Beltane and The Beltane Gathering, check out our Events page to find out more about them or the Contact one to book us; we are still looking for venues and festivals to play at this spring!

On the schedule for January, Red Wound spends some time with Mat at Mobtown Studios in Baltimore, where Denise will finish the vocals for the full length CD, Sultry & Unsutured due out spring 2011. Also coming out in January, Red Wound's first interview, look for it in Philadelphia’s dark and sexy magazine, Culture Asylum, created by Banshee Goldman.

As it stands,

I could take you

By the hand

And the coarseness

Of your skin

Could drive me

To begin...


And the blood

Pumps thin,

In this,

In between

What's not dead

Still has a gleam.